Our Service Offerings

Sandiva team has been built on a culture of professionalism, integrity and a unique level of expertise and experience. Each client receives personal attention and active participation from Sandiva’s team.We work closely with our clients to provide an added layer of professional support and an independent view point.


Our advisory practice serves different clients in many ways. We provide advices to Clients with deep understanding of business process to identify strengths and overcome weakness.

Our advisory services is independent in order to avoid any conflict of interest. We will always find and provide the best possible solution there is for any kind of situation based on our long time accumulated experience.


- Capital Development Service

You have expectations to meet your own among the most important.We know best practices, industry standards, and fundraising methods that work. We can open doors to a wide variety of information and resources

We can help you set priorities, keep, deadlines, measure success, bring new set of eyes to help you get an overview of operations, program, and projects. Our mission is to enable clients grow their organizations and develop sustainable funding streams.

As a business consultant, we offer a wide range of fundraising service that includes:

  • Fundraising overview and strategies
  • Financial models
  • Corporate valuation

- Reorganization Service

Our broad scope of turnaround and restructuring services spans areas that include financial analysis, business plan, advice on sale of assets and also to prepare and interpret damages analyses from legal aspects due to present damages in a clear and concise way.

Company Advisory

Sandiva respond to corporate distress situation in variety of ways from simple covenant waivers to complex in court and out of court restructuring and structured liquidations. Sandiva’s capabilities are comprehensive in scope and provide management teams with the guidance and a complete suite of service necessary to achieve a successful turnaround, whether it is through an in-court or out-of-court process. We also develop liquidity forecasts, improves cash flow management, obtains additional financing, negotiates loan covenant waivers and guides complex debt restructuring Our firm specializes in the following company advisory services:

  • Financial and operational review
  • Legal representative appoinments
  • Corporate and strategic advise
  • Analysis of financial documentation underlying disputes
  • Design and execution of turnaround and restructuring strategies, mergers and acquisitions
  • Interim Management Practice

Creditor Advisory

We support creditors within distressed companies. We advise lenders, bondholders and unsecured creditors to clearly evaluate the risks and opportunities of a company's business plan and restructuring alternatives so that they can make informed decisions to maximize recovery. Our firm specializes in the following Creditor Advisory Services:

  • Assessing short-term and long-term liquidity needs
  • Negotiating executable restructuring programs by building consensus within the group of creditors represented and negotiating with other relevant stakeholders
  • Investigating intercompany transactions and potential fraudulent conveyances


- Bankruptcy Management Service

When bankruptcy is the most appropriate option, experience and expertise in all phases of the process can play strategic roles in determining a company's ability to distribute the greatest remaining value to stakeholders.

We can help determine whether a position is defendable, test theories, evaluate strategies, quantify damages, and anticipate and critique opposing arguments. In short, we simplify the complex with in-depth analyses, and persuasive visual presentations. Our bankruptcy management services include:

  • Assessing short-term and long-term liquidity needs
  • Accounts payable cutoff procedures
  • Statement of financial affairs and schedules of assets and liabilities
  • Claims resolution
  • Monthly operating reports
  • Stakeholders communication and public relations

Our fully integrated solutions provide clients with a full suite of services to meet court and regulatory requirements while also providing
critical administrative services—under one roof and in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible.

- Interim Management Service

When crisis strikes your business, at some point you seek solutions that are more cost efficiency. As a consultant, Sandiva provide a wide range service that brings highly experienced and specialized executive with extensive experience in the exact type of crisis your business is experiencing.

Our interim executives bring strong leadership for any transformation project, highly experience of financial, development new strategies for growth, and also legal service for various task that your corporate need.

The purpose of our interim management service is to find and assign senior managers to act as temporary substitutes in order to provide an immediate injection of management skills. Our resources can help stabilize your business from our specialty point of view when reacting to unexpected change, and deliver long-term value to your business through project management.